Taboo and Ignored

For my final presentation in my Professional Presentations class at BYU-Idaho, I had to give a Ted Talk. We were able to pick the topic of our choice, and it took me a while to narrow down between the different subjects I had thought of. I finally decided to do my topic on Sexuality, and how we need to switch the paradigm of our thinking so that we can be more comfortable talking about sexuality and helping out future generations to do the same.

While preparing for this talk, I had to go to the Presentation Practice Center that is on BYU-Idaho’s campus. After doing a run through of my presentation, I sat down and was able to receive some feedback from the employee. Her response was, “Did you ask your instructor if you could talk about this topic?”

…I truly wanted to laugh that that question was even being asked. I responded by telling her that officially no I did not get permission, but that I didn’t feel like I needed it. I told her that if my instructor wanted to talk to me about the topic I chose, that I had no problem sitting down with him and discussing the importance of why this needs to be talked about.

She went on to say that, “Well I just don’t want you to get in trouble, and I know that Brother ______ is very conservative, so I just want to make sure that this is okay.”

To help you understand, my topic was in NO way derogatory or offensive. In fact, it was a very well researched and put together speech, and I felt even more justified in giving this presentation because she felt she needed to ask if I had received permission to give it. My speech was one of five picked to present in a mini “Best of Ted,” which is an indicator that my professor was definitely okay with my topic.

I feel so strongly that our thinking of what sexuality really is and being comfortable to talk about it NEEDS to change in order to form healthier lifestyles.

Here is a link to the speech that I gave:
Mine is the first speech that pops up.

Even after giving the speech, I received feedback from my peers in the audience, and one of my peers wrote on her feedback slip, “Maybe should’ve picked a different topic, yes it is important, but still uncomfortable.”

…Thank you for proving my point further that this needs to be addressed.


All of my research comes from the following places, and I want them to be attributed in case you have any further questions. (I bought the parenting bundle, SO WORTH IT!)

The Book Titled: And They Were Not Ashamed (Wonderful read for people who are about to get married)



4 thoughts on “Taboo and Ignored

  1. I really appreciate your courage in addressing this topic. As a woman who had similar experiences to you, I couldn’t agree more that we need to address sexuality more fully in our children.


  2. I LOVED your TED talk. You did so well and it is such an important topic that needs to be addressed. I wish more people would talk about it. Thank you for your courage and talking about something nobody else did.


    1. Ps, I think it was tame…I don’t know why “permission” would have been an issue but as you say that itself speaks to your point! I’m in the thick of this as a parent…heaven and the wish to arm my children with knowledge help me! 😙😙


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